A paragraph about friends

There are plenty of characteristics in a good friend. Some of them should be: loyal, truthful, caring, loving, secretive,and cheesey things like that. Even though you think its very movie stylish, which it is, I know alot of people with those characteristics who have a ton of BFF’s. A good friend should also make you want to be a good person doing good deeds like them. And last but not least a good friend should be someone who you treats as part of you’re family. Those are just some of the  characteristics a good friend should have so go out and find a friend with most or all of those things NOW! go why are you still reading this! GO GO GO!


~ by designrider96 on November 8, 2008.

17 Responses to “A paragraph about friends”

  1. i lyk ur paragraph about friendship..
    keep it up
    and gud luck..
    god bless

  2. this its nice

  3. ))good for my school project XP XX JEFFREY XX

  4. yes, what a nice thing when have a good friends but I am a person who does not have , Why ?

  5. that’s how we treat each other(my best friend) your paragraph is wonderful… keep it up! God Bless!

  6. friendship s easy to break but very very very hard to keep.

  7. L is 12th letter in alphabets
    O is 15th
    V is 22nd
    E is 5th.
    the total of love is 54..
    F-6, R-18, I-9, E-5, N-14, D-4, S-19, H-8, I-p, P-16..
    Addit…. FRIENDSHIP.. total is 108… exactlydouble of 54..

  8. thatz good

  9. I really like this paragraph && Thank you because i needed to use it for homework . I really like people who take time to write something like this Appriciate it (:

  10. so great but also so short

  11. friendships is like a heaven ful of angels

  12. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on creating such exciting articles.


  14. Very nice…… Wow

  15. iioio

  16. cute but that not my ass. about

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